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The Fraser Valley

The Fraser Valley tech scene has started to evolve over the last few years — starting off quietly but growing to the point where investors, corporations, as well as provincial and municipal governments are starting to take it seriously. More importantly, we are starting to see the required investments. While the East Fraser Valley, “The Region,” isn’t the birthplace of a household tech names, it boasts a vibrant start-up scene. Eager entrepreneurs are now able to tap into the expertise gleaned from other key industries, such as agriculture, manufacturing and gaming within the region and they are ready to take chances on becoming the next big tech company. Bottom line: Vancouver no longer has a monopoly on innovation.

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Regional Tech Scene

The Fraser Valley tech industry is working on creating a base of technical talent. XLRator, the local hub for tech, is trying to reinforce the ranks of technically savvy workers in the region and is working closely with municipal, provincial governments, as well as local industry, to increase skilled technical training and educational programs.

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Committed to Diversity in the Workforce

Whether you’re moving to the Fraser Valley or have obtained a work visa, we can provide you with fast, easy access to multiple High Tech Job opportunities. Whether you’re an immigrant, have a refugee background, need to gain experience in the IT field, or simply, you are not sure how to search for local jobs we can assist with the overall process.

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